YFI   Youngblood Financial, Inc.
                  Institutional Services

Our investing philosophy is rooted in the belief that performance over the full cycle of market ups and downs matters more than the performance over any given 15 minutes. 



Core Belief Implications
Asset Allocation is the primary driver of returns We implement through a mix of actively managed funds and ETFs
Lower volatility leads to more predicatable returns We perform intensiver research into the volatility and correlation of funds, indexes and ETFs
Efficient market hypothesis is sometime wrong We use a core and satelite approch to address opportunities.  We may under / overweight or hedge sectors and classes 
Diversification improves returns over the full-cyle of good and bad markets We maintain allocation to areas that "cost" ST performance so that they "add" LT performance as market leadership rotates
Rebalancing reduces risk and improves returns We rebalance semi-annually or as macro-events make prudent



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