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For most families College Costs are the second largest expense they incur after buying a home. College Costs have been increasing at a much higher rate than inflation

Projected College Costs for a Child Age Five
College Tuition + Rm-Board Total Today Future Total*  Four Years
Univ of Illinois at Urbana $17 + $13K $30K $56.7K > $227K
Wheaton College $48 + $12K $60K $113.1K > $452K
Northwestern $62 + $19K $83K $172.5K > $690K

Developing an accumulation plan for college costs is critical to a family's financial security

* with 5% per annum inflation, for a 5 year-old today going to College at 18

Here are some useful links for researching colleges and college costs.  We highlight two 529 plans, but in fact there are 50 to chose from.  Please consult your advisor when picking a plan to ensure you fully understand all investment and tax implications. 

Research 529s   IL 529   UT 529   Fin Aid   Scholarship


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