YFI   Youngblood Financial, Inc.
                  Private Client Services

Our Financial Planning Fees:

  • Financial Planning fees begin at $1,500 and typically run $1,500 to $3,000 depending on the scope of analysis and the complexity of your particular situation
  • For further details see link below to the Company Brochure 

Wealth Management Fees:

  • We have no minimum for managed investments, but our minimum fee of $2,000 per year, billed at $500 per quarter, typically makes sense beginning at $150K to $200K of managed assets 
  • The fee schedule is as follows:
    • First $1 million is billed at 0.25% per quarter
    • The next $4 million is billed at 0.225% per quarter
    • Amounts over $5 million are billed at 0.20% per quarter


For a Brochure describing our Private Client Services:

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